Brotherhood of Bikers RC 

Nova Scotia



The Brotherhood of Bikers was established in 2012.  With members across the Province, we are a non-profit, family oriented riding club whereby the members get together to ride, enjoy the open air and each other’s company.  Beyond this, the Brotherhood of Bikers is committed to raising money to help families and organizations that make a difference in the lives of others - our main focus on children and youth.  We are not an MC Club and we have no ties or affiliation to The Brotherhood of Bikers MC or to any other clubs.


The Brotherhood strives to maintain common courtesy among all riders by keeping the "OLD SCHOOL" traditions alive and well,  our word or handshake is our bond.  We respect all of the other clubs and the patches they wear.  We support the independent biker community, friends, neighbors and local businesses.  We honor our troops and appreciate the sacrifices they have made for us.  We are brothers and sisters of the road and no one is left behind.  We are not "brand specific" and ALL brands of bikes are welcome.


We do not PROSPECT or PROBATE. Our patches are bought not earned.  We wear a large Brotherhood patch along with a RC patch on our back and a small patch on the front upper left side of our vest.


Even though we have a President and 2 Vice Presidents, most decisions are made through the club.

We raise annual funds through a Swap Meet, which is held in May of each year, selling tickets and having 50/50 draws at our monthly meetings.

In 2019,  we were able to donate over $3,000.00 to Ronald McDonald House, Long Lake Camp, Camp Courage, BACA, Bikers Down, former club member and Liverpool Salvation Army.  Also new to us this year is the donation of gifts to the Bridgewater Salvation Army Christmas Toy Drive.   Twelve members from this area went to Cape Breton to help the Bay Boys Club put on a function to raise money for “Mental Health for Youth”.  Over $8,800.00 was raised in this one-day event!!!!

In the past seven years, we have also raised and donated money to organizations and groups such as Ride For Dad, Autism, Hank Snow Society, Rally On The River, New Germany Lions Club to help with expenses for child needing chemo in Halifax, IWK and South Shore Regional Hospital.  A wheel chair ramp was also constructed for a  child making it easier to access the home, full Christmas Dinners were provided to needy families, Christmas gifts and party held for a family with 2 little girls that otherwise would not have had a Christmas,  helping a family with gas vouchers that was travelling for treatments, as well as donating 12 turkeys to a local Christmas Turkey Drive.   We also spearhead a Toy Run in Liverpool every year to help with Salvation Army’s Christmas Toy Drive.

Our success in being able to fulfill our goals comes from the generous donations made by companies, businesses and individuals as well as the public who attend our Swap Meet to whom we are truly thankful.  The hours of hard work and planning to bring these events all together are well worth it when our donations are so humbly accepted.


Mission Statement


-  to promote Brotherhood, courtesy and respect among all riders no matter what brand or model they may ride.

-  to continue to teach and learn the style of those who went before us known as..... OLD SCHOOL. We owe them for paving the way, setting    the standards and the sacrifices made and making our ride safer for us. They broke the trail for us and now it is up to us to keep it alive.

-  to promote a better image for those who ride whether they wear a patch or not. 






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